especially decorative ones, tend to
boast intricate designs and textural elements.
They function as sculptures and works of art too.

The textural intrigue of a screen
inspired by storytelling patterns is a perfect piece of artwork to
greet guests when they walk through the door.

The screen divider can break up the room nicely,
it doesn't mess with the flow or feel out of place.

Horizontal patterns that partially section off the room into two areas offers a more open effect than an intricate or solid screen.
Partitions an area nicely and there is still a sense of flow and easy movement from section to section.

Lattice on doors and windows add enough visual separation to a space while still allowing plenty of light to flow through.

From Designer to Designer in you

Since 2013, 4321Design has been in design, manufacture and sales of designer art panels using laser and router cutting techniques.
These multi-purpose designer panels have been adding the artistic impression to various space as room divider, ceiling, wall decoration, door, windows, furniture insert and more...

Here at 4321Design, we are dedicated to bring you inspirational designs and workmanship of the best quality at reasonable price.
Easy Installation

Our art panels are designed with our customers in mind.
Simplistic installation allows easy setup without hazzle.
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